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My name is Doug. I am the youngest of 6 boys who were raised working in a small neighborhood Texaco gas station in Ann Arbor, MI. that was family owned during the 1950's through the 1970's. My father, Bill, who grew up in northern Michigan made his way south when he was in his early twenties making a few stops along the way before landing at Mallek and Hoppe's Texaco Service in 1945. He became part owner of the station around 1957 and became the sole owner in 1967. I spent many days after school, evenings, and weekends working along side my father and older brothers. All that changed when my father passed away suddenly in the summer of 1976 and the station was sold

I started collecting Texaco items about in 2000, I guess on a whim. We were on vacation out east and shopping in an antique store one day when I laid my eyes on an old Texaco outboard can. Later when we returned home from our trip my wife Mary Ann introduced me to eBay. A few weeks later I received my first grease can in the mail. Upon opening it and smelling the grease that was still inside, it brought back a flood of memories. It was like I was standing in the back room of my father's gas station all over again some twenty five years later. After a few years of collecting Texaco & Havoline items here and there, I purchased the book "A Tour With Texaco" where it featured the collection of Erol and Susan Tuzcu of Delray Beach, FL. After a few months of thumbing through the book and getting an idea of just what was out there, I got up the nerve to email Erol and ask if I could visit him and view his collection while we were vacationing down in Florida. His reply came almost immediately after I wrote him. He explained that the garage where his collection was set up, was a mess because of an on going remodel of their home. But he was more than happy to show it to my wife and me. When we arrived at Erol and Susan's that night, they not only opened the door to the collection, but to their home as well. When I stepped through a small side door into the garage for the very first time, I was set aback at just what this man had achieved as a collector. It was the most amazing collection of Texaco that I would ever see in one place. Over the years a great friendship transpired between the four of us. Erol's knowledge of Texaco was insurmountable and he freely shared it with me, never once did he hestitate to answer any of my foolish little questions that we all have as starters. My small modest collection would not be what it is today without my wife's endless patience with my collecting and the friendships of Erol & Susan Tuzcu. I can't thank you guys enough!

Doug Doneth



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